About us

Spanishheaven.com specialises in teaching the language and culture of Spain. We also offer English, French and German courses to Spanish people.
Our Spanish courses are aimed at Spanish students, companies, occasional tourists and overseas residents living in Spain.
Our Spanish lessons are backed with other leisure and free-time activities, giving you the opportunity to come into contact with the customs of Spain.
As part of our goal of students having contact with Spain and its people, we offer a number of options:
· Guided cultural tours and trips in and around the area.
· A range of courses on food, regional dances and more.

What makes Spanishheaven different from other Spanish Language Schools in Spain?

Spanishheaven is a small school in Ayamonte and Huelva, in the south of Spain.
This fact allows us to offer you an exclusive treatment. You will be in direct contact with our teachers and staff during your stay in the town. You will learn Spanish in small groups, in a friendly atmosphere.
We can suggest you a wide variety of activities to enjoy your stay in Spain, according to your wishes (beautiful quite beaches, wonderful landscapes, cultural visits, sports, gastronomy, etc…)


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